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4 Ways to Boost Your Digital Account Opening Metrics

How Does Digital Account Opening Help?

The modern consumer doesn’t have time to complete the lengthy paperwork and identity verification that a traditional bank account application requires. When your bank or credit union employs digital account opening solutions to automate the process, you increase the likelihood that customers will not only start the account opening process but complete it.

July 18, 2022

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IgniteConnex can integrate with any core system using APIs.

Depending upon the amount of customization or configuration a normal implementation should take 8 weeks to 3 months.

IgniteConnex can integrate with your existing KYC / AML solution, or we can integrate with Alloy.

The process from start to finish takes 3-5 minutes to complete an application and fund the account.

IgniteConnex gathers all the required information and documentation per your requirements and presents that information to the bank for review and decision. If you are good with the information provided, you can approve the application and the account will be opened within a matter of minutes.

We work with your legacy systems to automate and expedite the account opening process, configuring each step per your requirements.

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