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Apache Kafka Connector

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that allows for low-code data streams, enabling developers to easily publish and subscribe to streams of records in a fault-tolerant and scalable way. Kafka is designed to handle high volumes of data, and can handle millions of events per second. 


Real-Time Core Data Streaming


Build Event-Driven Data Streams with Low-Code


Increase Efficiency, Streamline Operations & Unlock Data Silos

IgniteConnex is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows banks to connect to Jack Henry products, such as Silverlake and CIF2020, to automate digital account opening, enable online banking, and integrate customer relationship management systems (CRM). With IgniteConnex, banks can streamline their operations and improve customer experiences by seamlessly connecting and integrating their systems with Jack Henry's robust banking technology solutions. This can help banks to increase efficiency, reduce errors and improve customer service.

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Apache Kafka Connector Roadmap

This Spring, 2023

January 2023

January 2022

February 2021

IgniteConnex is releasing a set of new Event-Driven capabilities and "Templates" on top of the Apache Kafka Connector for Real-time Transaction Monitoring. 

IgniteConnex develops new Apache Kafka Connector for low-code no-code data streaming between applications such as Jack Henry Silverlake tables to Anti-Money Laundering platforms. 

CG Infinity spins IgniteConnex into it's own company called IgniteConnex, Inc and continues the VIP relationship with Jack Henry. IgniteConnex brings online various production bank integrations and delighting customers. 

CG Infinity joins Jack Henry VIP membership and develops it's first vendor tested integration products for Silverlake, Synergy, ODI, and EES. 

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