What is Ignite?

Ignite is a low-code integration solution built on Heroku.

What problem does Ignite solve?

Salesforce customers require a simple solution to connect to external systems. Ignite was developed to make integration easy, scalable and secure.

How quickly can I create an integration with Ignite?

By using the prebuilt connectors and workflows in Ignite, you can quickly create an integration.

What can I connect with Ignite?

Currently, Ignite can connect to multiple systems. You can view a complete list here.

Can Ignite be customized to include business logic?

Yes. Workflows, which make up the logic in Ignite, can be customized to include your business logic.

How do you set up Ignite?

Getting started on Ignite is easy. Simply click the “Try Now” button at the top of this page.

What additional support is available for Ignite?

Cyber Group can provide additional support and consulting services (if required). Contact us to learn more.

I’m a Salesforce Admin, not a Developer: How easy is it to use Ignite?

We developed Ignite with Salesforce Admins in mind. The Ignite experience is similar to Salesforce Flow Builder. Of course, Cyber Group is available to help at any time.

How scalable is Ignite?

We developed Ignite on Heroku because of its scalability. Ignite is deployed to a customer’s Heroku environment for Heroku’s native scalability features.

Is data stored in a Heroku database?

No. Data flows through Ignite in-memory and is not stored in a Heroku database. However, users can build flows that stages data in Heroku for various reasons. Under any scenario, data never goes through Cyber Group Ignite cloud services.

For multiple data sources, does a customer need more than one Salesforce Connect license?

No. Users can create a single Entity Data Model that exposes objects from numerous data sources while Salesforce Connect sees it as a single resource connection.

Can Ignite be used to communicate across multiple Salesforce orgs?

Yes. However, you can also use External Data Sources in Salesforce to communicate across multiple Salesforce orgs without the need for Salesforce Connect or Ignite. In this situation, users would use Ignite to communicate across multiple Salesforce orgs and external data sources.

Is Salesforce Connect required to use Ignite?

No. Salesforce Connect is not required to use Ignite. To learn more about additional integration patterns without using Salesforce Connect, schedule a demo.

Can Ignite transform data?

Yes. The power of Ignite is its ability to transform and process data through a sequence of steps in a flow.

Can Open Source Node-RED nodes be used?

Yes. Ignite includes access to more than 2,700 nodes created by the open-source community. They are free to use in each plan. However, it is important to note that Cyber Group does not maintain, manage or support “community nodes.”