Most modern cloud products support various deployment models (e.g. public, private, hybrid). Typically, for SaaS tools, all data at-rest, and in-transit, flows through the vendors cloud. However, Ignite takes a slightly different approach is adopts more of a "hybrid" approach.

Hybrid by default

Our "Deploy To Heroku" functionality currently only deploys a pre-built Ignite Runtime with Ignite Editor on Salesforce Heroku. However, there are other Hybrid deployment options available through Cyber Group Sales.

Deploying Ignite

The following locations are supported by the Cyber Group Ignite team. Using our "Ignite Docker Image" we can deploy to any location where Docker is supported.

  • Heroku

  • Azure

  • AWS

  • On-Prem

If you have a need to run your Ignite applications to any of the above locations, we have a great approach that considers your people, process, and existing technology. Reach out for more information.